What is development approach? mobile first design

So do you know what is mobile first design or development approach?

 development approach

Mobile First Design or Development approach is a website that is used to promote your business.

So let’s go straight to the example:
Ravi thought of making a website for his vadapav home delivery business, he told the web developer, brother, the web site should be very beautiful and attractive, the customer should find the website so attractive that he should immediately place the order, make something that Ravi has done on the laptop See some side designs and gave link to webdeveloper where to make something like this webdeveloper made a nice website as he said that day Ravi was very happy when he saw his website on laptop then he asked if my website Will look good on mobile also web developerr said don’t worry I make it mobile friendly then did coding in it and then made the website in such a way that it can adjust its design properly on mobile as well so no problem in using the customer on mobile Ho means which website will be seen in different design on mobile and on desktop, code will be same, domain name will also be same, but both devices will look different, but Akbar made more changes in mobile keyboard, then he got different issues of mobile, which is he could not solve why Because in fixing it the design of the desktop used to deteriorate, first the website will be made mobile, then there are less features on the mobile, because the website was made very good on the desktop, then it is fine for the mobile, you can order it, if they had made it like this, Ravi What can we say about the business website on desktop and laptop, but on mobile, which was later adjusted, it was fine that as many feature options for the customer were available on the desktop, as many features for the web app cannot be given on mobile. Because we will have to think about mobile later, the bussiness started but Ravi Bhai was getting so less orders for Vadapav that he said that I would have sold it on the car itself. They are engaged and this brother is engaged in making the website beautiful on laptop. should mean that first that website Ban Mata keeping mobile in mind, because 90% of its customers order from mobile, then it would have been better to pay attention to mobile first and then pay attention to desktop later, website or webaap is necessary for every business, mobile first design and development is like that Even if you do not do web development, you should know the complete concept of web development.

mobile first design

Because there is a lot of business, its website or web app customers use more on mobile, in today’s era, in mobile first approach, website or web app is first designed and developed for mobile, then later it is designed and developed for desktop or laptop screen. If responsive is made for the first mobile, it is different from the approach which was mostly used before normal, that means first designing for desktop and also making it responsive for mobile or making mobile friendly is not a matter of the look of the website. Functionality is also the teacher’s answer, if you design and develop for desktop first, then you get trapped in such a trap that later you have difficulty in putting the same functionalities on mobile, because there is less space on mobile, then there is functionality of touch. It may be difficult to use it completely later, it may be possible, but it will take a lot of time and effort, in approach on mobile, you get mobile related issues first, then you can fix them before that, so if your customers are glued to mobile then you too Develop your website or web app according to mobile by adopting mobile first approach, even if it will be a little average for desktop, then it is necessary to catch the customer on mobile, in a such cases.

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