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Will also see growth and development and its differences.

growth and development

What is Growth 

 So let’s start with growth. Now what does growth mean? growth means increasing. Now the increase of what, reading of size, increase of height, increase of weight, increase of shape, then what is all this called? Growth is fine, now if we see the official definition

definition of growth

By this understanding, according to crow and crow growth refers to structural and physiological changes. Now, according to Grow and Crew, growth is that in which the structure changes. Ok how is the structure? Height and weight, size and shape are all changing, so what is happening? The structure itself is changing, isn’t it, this and physiological change according to the growth cycle, if it will increase now, then it is obvious that the internal bounce will increase, that is why our height will increase, isn’t it?

Our weight will increase, our size will increase, so this is a physiological change. Means growth of cells, tissues, organs, all these are also necessary. Only then we will have proper growth for growth.

Now if you look at this picture, you can see how a child grows. Well, as soon as he is born, Dhoni starts climbing, starts speaking, isn’t it? Everything happens in a particular sequence. He grows slowly, slowly. Now.

If we look through this picture and talk about growth, then growth is such a thing that we can measure, well, we can easily measure growth. Like here is a lady here looking at the size of the baby’s leg and measuring okay so we can easily measure growth now anything that we can measure what is quantitative so what is growth ? is quantitative okay so anything that we can measure what is that quantitative

  Now we will be able to measure the weight. If you can measure someone’s height, if you can measure their shape, then what does all this mean? Comes in quantitative, okay. Now what is growth, isn’t it? Growth doesn’t last a lifetime, well, growth happens only till maturity. Now have you seen anyone, in this 27 years, his height is increasing in 28 years? No one has seen his height increasing in 60 years. No, growth is possible only till maturity.

If there is no growth after that, then this life time does not last.

If we talk about growth one more time, now growth.

There is no effect from learning. Means if I am teaching something then its skill will develop, growth will not happen through it. So if I am teaching someone something, if I am teaching calligraphy or if you learn painting, it will develop your skills. Well, there will be no growth, there will be your development, rather it is okay. It is understandable, now Scott understands better by another definition. According to Harlock growth is changing size in proportion Disappearance of old features, acquisition of new ones What happened was the disappearance of old features and the acquisition of new ones. Now I have understood this. If now, when the children are young, their belief remains, well, the correct belief remains until a particular age. Later on when they cross that edge.

So after that it was the milk that starts breaking, starts falling, isn’t it? And its place is permanent, so what is happening here, our old features of the child are disappearing and acquisition of new ones means it is coming up to permanent.

  Now if we talk about development then what is development?


Development is a continuous process, meaning it keeps on going. It is not like growth, it will stop only till maturity. No, this continues for lifetime. Means from mother’s womb till death. Development happens for a human being, that’s why it is called Continuous Processes. Now it is continuous but it follows a pattern, it follows a series and it moves according to that pattern.

definition of Development

Ok so if we understand development according to hurlock then hurlock speaks development means you progressive series of changes that occurs in an orderly predictable pattern such result of maturation experience. hurlock speaks means development is that which goes on okay And the pattern which we follow which is our experience and which comes from maturation is development. Now if a person makes some mistake today, then he learns from that thing.

  Experiences that if it is not to be done now then it is the same thing, there are many types of development development, like physical, moral, intellectual intellectual we can also call it cognitive. Social, emotional, we will study all these types in brief a little later.

  Development according to JE Anderson Development is concern with growth as well as does changing behavior which result from environmental situation now environment factor matter a lot. When it comes to development, what does the environment factor in development? Matters how much? Now if a person lives in a good environment then he will adopt good things, if he adopts good things then his behavior will be good. What is cheese? It’s called development.

  According to G. Anderson, development is that thing which changes from the environment. In behavioral terms, what is development? Development is a continuous process that happens in a sequence and experience and maturation matter a lot. Talking more now, development growth happens only till maturity. Development.

    It doesn’t even reach maturity, but it is a long life. You can say continuous, we can measure its growth, such a thing which we can see, we will be able to measure it. We cannot measure your development. So if we will not be able to measure it, then it is not quantitative, it is qualitative, after that growth happens till maturity, development does not happen till maturity, development life is long. Now growth does not happen through learning. It means that if we teach something to the student, then there will be no growth from it. It will lead to his development. So what is growth? Does not affect Growth is through learning, but development is effected by experience and learning. Growth and Development.

  Now talking about the types of development, the first comes

1. Physical Development.

Now as I said, growth only talks about physical aspect but development talks about all aspects. Means it does physically.

  But along with that cognitive intellectual these two are the same. There are many other social, emotional models, so all this comes in development. Talking about physical development, there is height and weight in physical development, along with change invoice means voice changes. A little heaviness starts coming in a particular age. Sexual changes have to happen. When the proportion of the body changes, then all this physical development 

2. Talk about intellectual development.

  Which means intellectual development as our thinking power becomes strong. Well, our memory skills start getting enhanced, reasoning slowly at a time.

If you have power, you start becoming strong. Imagination starts being good for us, understanding happens, perception happens, decision making happens, problems can be solved. A person if his cognitive power is strong inside him. If the intellectual ability is strong then it can solve the problem. There are a lot of mental activities, you understand what is assured in intellectual development

3. Social Development.

Talking about social development means where a child interacts, how much does he develop through interaction? Means in interactive with other social development, how much does he learn from each other there? He comes in which social, he enjoys the company of his peers means the company of his friends, so cooperation is very good. What does all this come in them? Now let’s talk about social development 

4. Emotional development.

That is, in emotional development, we have to control our feelings. We have to control our emotions.

If they have to manage, they call it this. Emotional development is fine and there is more. More comes in it. For example, moral development can also come and language development also comes.

  What does language development mean?

If we have to communicate with each other then how will we communicate. We will use obvious language. We will use language to talk to each other, so that we can express our feelings, we can tell our emotions, we can explain our thoughts, what is going on in our mind, we can share it. So what do we use? If you can use language, then language development is very important in a person’s life.

Only from that he can tell his own emotion and desire. comes again,

moral development,

  Moral development talks, what does ethics mean on ethics? What is right, what is wrong, what is wrong and what is right, then it comes in moral development, like if I give an example, then our elders say that drink water while sitting, don’t drink it while standing. It is wrong to drink while standing. If it is right to drink while sitting, then what is this, is it ethics? Meaning this thing is right, this thing is wrong.

There are many things that we get to learn from elders and learn from the environment, that comes. It is okay in moral development, so it is a matter of types.

difference between growth and development

Growth is restricted to physical aspect only.Development include all aspect such as cognitive, physical, emotional, social.
Growth is quantitative aspect.Development is quantitative and qualitative aspects.
Growth stops at a certain period of life.Development continuous till death.
Growth can be measured.It can only be assessed.
It is not affected by learning.Learning and experience affects.

Now if we understand the difference between both of growth and development, I told that growth deals only with physical aspect, so growth only deals with physical aspect, growth is restricted to physical aspect only but development is not physical, but physical as well as intellectual cognitive Emotional Social deals with every single aspect, every single expectation brings up growth that we can see.

  If you can see it, you can measure it. It means that it is a quantitative expectation, but development is quantitative but it is also qualitative along with it. Then after that the growth takes place till a certain period. Means only till the maturation. Period means till one match duration, but it is not so in development. Development life lasts long, that means there is a continuous processor and the defense in next growth and development is that we can see the growth, so if we can see someone’s height increasing, then we will obviously be able to measure it. If we see someone’s weight increasing or decreasing, then we will be able to measure it, then in growth can be rooted but in development, we cannot measure it. We can assist him. It can only be assisted, we cannot measure it, assist it, observe it. As if I give an example in front of you. I put two students in front of you, one is a slow learner.

  One is a bright student and if I tell you that you have to find out who is the slow learner among these two and who is the bright student now, how will you know? Will give, you will tell him that he is a bright student. Means he did it so quickly, he is a slow learner. He gave this comparatively slow answer, so you assisted him, the cognitive power that you assisted him did not measure.

We can assist and observe the development. But cannot measure. The next difference is that growth in growth and development is not possible through learning. No matter how much you teach a child something, whether you teach him painting or drawing, his growth will not increase. His hands and feet will not grow, his skills will only increase, so it is not affected by learning, it has nothing to do with it. But not only learning in development but learning and experience matters What does learning and experience do? Affects. If the child knows about development, it is okay if you teach something, then his skills will increase in that thing, he will become stronger and he will get experience. Experience so today we deal on meaning and difference

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