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web developer

There has always been a demand for web developers, whether it is in India or abroad, if you go to a website like linkedin.com, then even today there are more than 4000 web developers’ jobs available, 

if I talk about salary, 

then naukari.com on you will come to know that at least 2 lakhs and maximum i.e. more than 2000000 salary are being taken by web developers in India.

How to become a web developer and what is the scope available in this field

 so let’s start

  What qualification do you need to become a web developer, even if you are a twelfth pass or a graduate or a BA, B.Com, BSC student, you can do a web development course, there is no such limitation, but if you Job will be required when for web development then at least you need to be a graduate if you want to practice then 12 standard is also enough now 

we will see where web development course can be done

There are many options online, such as coursera.com, udacity.com, or Google’s own web page, there is a complete tutorial on design, what about code academy, you can learn online on a website like this and now you can learn for free from others. If someone is doing a web development course in city itself, then you can also do the course, then there are many options available in it, which you have to decide in which field you want to go.

First of all, 

there are two options in this, 

  • front end development, second is
  •  back end development

front end development

front end development, which is basically what the user does, that is, whatever is visible to the user in the front, as you are seeing the post now, but as soon as You go to a website and login, you clicked the submit button, then it goes to your server side and that operation takes place in the back end, where the user interacts with the database, that is the front end, where data interaction takes place. It is called back end, so there is a lot of scope in both fields, you have to decide, now you will start with front end development, which will be very good, if you try to understand front end development more, then you have a web browser like chrome is safari, Firefox the functionality you do there, it interacts by going to the web server of that website, then it sends a message, complete the operation and shows you back the correlation between the front end and the back end. This is also a web development lesson so you have a front a You can become a front end developer as well as a back end developer, the most important thing in front end development is 

  • HTML or 
  • CSS.

The full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language, all this is a language like ours, which is understood by the browser, HTML and it is accompanied by CSS stylesheet, such as if any coding is done, that color option has to be given to that which is safe. , padding, margin, font have to be used in different ways, all those things are through css or the additional functionality is java script, if you create a page of normal html

So it will look something like this, images will look images, text will also be visible, but the structure will not remain as it is, but as soon as you add CS in it, change the style a bit, then the complete Lee will appear like this.

So it is very important that you learn html and learn css with it, which is very basic need for any web developer and if you want to go a little functionality, then you will definitely have to do java script, go ahead, tell that in this There are also some frameworks which are used a lot, nowadays free work in web development means that some of you get design elements of readymade, like there is a button that you have to make or a modal window, it is of Carousel. If everyone has to make a gallery of image gallery photos, then for that you have already coded that code.

You will get what you simply have to include on the page of your website, then there are readymade frameworks in which you do not have to design from scratch already, only you have to modify a little bit, but basically all the components, all the models inside that framework. Packed comes, which is very popular framework, that is Bootstrap, second is Foundation and one that is slowly becoming popular now is semantic UI, so if you become expert on framework work like bootstrap, then you can become a good web developer. career can be open for you similarly if you look at java script also there are some in it like there are some frameworks like angularJS which come readymade packages are all things you can learn to use plus space something There are also libraries like reactJS, jquery, if we talk about react javascript, it has become very popular in a very short time, many people use react javascript for their projects, to ye hai the essence of front end development. Story If you want to become a front end developer, then it is very important for you to know all these things.

back end development

Now let’s move towards back end development, there is development of server side, where you talk to the database, you talk to the server, all that where end development happens, it is called back end development, in which

there are some languages Like

  • php,
  • ruby,
  • node.js,
  • python,
  • core java

   To go into back end development, if you worked in font end development, then you get more scope for you, your salary can also be very good, it is not necessary that you come to html, but if you have a base then it will be good. php is also very demanding for your profile php which nowadays you will see more than half of the websites online whose content management system is how and why wordpress is a content management system in which what happens is that complete your website is a package even if Be it an ecommerce website, a social website, which includes all the database servers, you do not have to work hard, but if you want to customize it, which has a lot of demand, which are the best WordPress websites, such as cms magento, which is also php based. So wordpress and magento are websites like this, it is completely based on PHP programming language, so if you focus on PHP, then you can get a job like WordPress developer and there is a lot of scope.

Here is PHP’s frame work like Laravel which you can use which is in great demand second up you can try ruby also ruby is also very good development background environment you can say frame work is used ruby on reels like that From node.js frame work is express, Hapi done or talk about python then like django it has a frame work it has flask if i talk in java then it is spring  JSF these are all frame work which is used for development by combining back End development is also very strong, there are many more options in this, if you want to start, then I would say that you become a little expert in the front end, after that you focus on the back end, then whatever is in your hands. You will be able to work better and your options will also be more open,

database programming

after this we will see that database programming is also basically related to database which gives more attention to security based and data functionality.

So in that also you 

  • Oracle,mySQL,
  • cassandra,
  • mongoDB,
  • POstgreSQL,
  • redis

   There are some other databased programming languages on which you can focus, libraries which have their own frame work, in which way you can work on the data base also, if you talk on Facebook, Twitter, like YouTube, there is a lot of back end development in it. In the form of, note.js which I have talked about back end development here, mySQL database is used, so you can see that many websites are going to come, which is still in current, that’s why there is a lot of demand. Web developers will definitely be ahead that there will always be many website developers.

  So I hope you have understood what is web developer and how it works.

                                             Thank you…

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