What is bounce rate? Basic Intro

Do you know what is bounce rate?

  What is bounce rate

If you do not know how much the bounce rate should be, then no problem, now I will tell you everything about this,

before that if you have your own blog or website, then you will know a little bit about your bounce rate, if you always read your block in Alexa. If you check Google Rank India rank, you must have seen the bounce rate along with it, but a blogger feels bad when the bounce rate of your side is more than the average, why does his block authority and rank starts falling automatically because someone Also, the high bounce rate of the site means that the site is not that good for the users and if your site comes in this category then it is not good news for your website. If your blog or website is new then it is common to have a bounce rate. But if it has become very old but still the bounce rate is high then definitely you are making some mistake but there is nothing to worry because today in this topic I will tell you that what should be the bounce rate why it becomes high and how can you reduce that if you run your blog or they If you are trying to increase the search performance of the site and it is not happening, then there may be a secret behind it that your bounce rate is very high, after all, what is the bounce rate when a visitor comes to your website and visits a page? and then goes back then bounce it but the rate means that the percentage of those visitors who come to your page and go back without clicking on any other page, how many such visitors are there, it is not much This is why we say that there should not be more than bamboo means visitor came and immediately went back without opening any other page or reading the article but if this is happening then it proves that what type of post you are doing in this. Not too big, apart from this it can also be that your site design is not special, Haddin vagere is not attractive, if bounce rate will be high, then you should understand that your site visitors are decreasing if visitors are less. If you are there, then there will be a decrease in the rank and then if the ranking is less then
Your income will also come down, understand that by example, if a web site or block whose bounce rate is 50%, it means that 50% of the visitors in this website are such that they open a page and immediately go back to it. There can be many reasons, which I will tell you later, so let us know what should be the bounce rate for a site, then you have some idea of what is the bounce rate, how much is it good to have a bounce rate within 1-10% of a blog. There is a bounce rate which is a very successful website can go and its ranking will also be very high, after that if it comes up to 10-40% then it is also good and then 40-70% usually there are most of the websites which are good. It does not happen but a little bit of work is done and it is 70%-80% that means the website is bad, he will have to do a lot of work on the website or else he will have to do a lot of work on his blog.

If you are thinking that all types of web sites have the same bounce rate, then it is not so, the bounce rate can be different for different types of web sites, like for example, if there is a low website with content, then its 42-60 %ho may be uninhabited dating website 30-50% ho may be 72-90% of block may be 22-40% of retail business site may be 22-40% of website providing services 10 Landing page can be 30%, its committee can be 70-90%, then the bounce rate of different types of website can also be different.

Why do bounce rates become high?

Now, why the bounce rate of the public has to be high, what is the reason for this, out of which there are many reasons, which I will also tell you some mistakes which you people know but do, because of this it can be more, what are those mistakes? This is that the loading time of the website is very high, your page is taking a lot of time to load, then the visitor closes it and goes to the other site, which is a single page site, which means that it does not have much contact, which one has more Even if you don’t get anything, you go away because of the poor quality of your content, because of the poor content quality, also because of the visitor, you are ranking for some wrong keyboard, which means that you will be blocked by someone else. About but there are some other pulses, visitors will see your page on the other side but then after clicking it will go back and the design of your website is useless, this is also a big reason if the design of the website is useless and The visitor does not understand and goes to another site and formats ng is not good on your side where there is text yes text which is not formatted properly is not readable text even then there is problem heading of content even if you are not a topper even then it can be more than bounce content is this The heading should be proper so that the visitor should understand that what they are going to read now, these were some of the reasons why the bounte rate increases,

so you must have got this post very well, so let’s meet in the next topic.

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