What is web development? Basic Intro

web development Introduction

web development

 So today we will know about web development, what web developers do and what skills are needed to become a web developer,

so stay with me, let’s first know what web development is, a web developer is a programmer who works on the World Wide Web. Develop applications such as websites or applications that run on web browsers, web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, all these web browsers, for example, I want to create a website for one of my companies, so I need one or more web sites for this. developer will be needed who will make this website for me

What are the skills needed to become a web developer?

 Now it will be in your mind that before knowing what skills are needed to become a web developer, we have to know that how many types are there.

mainly they are of two types

  • one is Front end developer and
  •   second is back end developer then front and back end developer

front end developer

First let’s know about the front end developer Front end developers create those parts of the website or web applications that are visible to the user and with which the user can interact like for example google.com The page that appears on google.com Inputbox buttons and the interaction of clicking on those buttons are all done by the front end developer. The skills you need to become a front end developer are

  1. HTML
  2. css
  3. Javascript or
  4. jquery

Which is a library of JavaScript, it is basic skills, but apart from this, which are in great demand nowadays for front end developers, that skill is

  • Angular,
  • react.js,
  • backbone.js,
  • node.js,
  • gulp

and many more, but these days which There is some demand for front end developer

back end developer

Now know about the backend developer, the backend developer is the one who works on the text of the website or web application, which is not visible to the users but is important, such as sending information from its database management servers, filtering the information in the database. ex.

Like when you type something on google.com and results come, those results are saved by the backend developer in the data business in the backend and the information reaches you only after you type, they communicate to the server and the application i.e. Let’s talk, the skill required for this is any one or more of these

Languages like

  • php,
  • ruby,
  • python,
  • java,
  • .net,
  • mysol

and in addition to these there are other skills for back end developer, these are some of the main skill maine tell you many people have both front end and back end When skills come, they are also called full stack, so friends, hope you have got a basic idea about web development today.

 Thank you….

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